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A total station is an optical instrument used in modern surveying. It is a combination of an electronic theodolite (transit), an electronic distance measuring device (EDM) and software running on an external computer. With a total station one may determine angles and distances from the instrument to points to be surveyed. With the aid of trigonometry, the angles and distances may be used to calculate the coordinates of actual positions (X, Y, and Z or northing, easting and elevation) of surveyed points, or the position of the instrument from known points, in absolute terms. The data may be downloaded from the theodolite to a computer and application software will generate a map of the surveyed area. Most modern Total Station instruments measure angles by means of electro-optical scanning of extremely precise digital bar-codes etched on rotating glass cylinders or discs within the instrument. The best quality total stations are capable of measuring angles down to 0.5 arc-second. Inexpensive "construction grade" total stations can generally measure angles to 5 or 10 arc-seconds. Measurement of distance is accomplished with a modulated microwave or infrared carrier signal, generated by a small solid-state emitter within the instrument's optical path, and bounced off of the object to be measured. The modulation pattern in the returning signal is read and interpreted by the onboard computer in the total station, and the speed-of-light lag between the outbound and return signal is translated into distance. Most total stations use a purpose-built glass prism as the reflector for the EDM signal, and can measure distances out to a few kilometers, but some instruments are "reflector less", and can measure distances to any object that is reasonably light in color, out to a few hundred meters. The typical Total Station EDM can measure distances accurate to about 0.1 millimeter or 1/1000 foot, but most land surveying applications only take distance measurements to 1.0 mm or 1/100 foot. In modern contest the use of theodolite is like outdated. It’s faster and more accurate than theodolite. Those who are interested to learn to operate total station are not getting right place. In this situation we are providing theoretical and practical training with download software and topo map generate software. Mastermind engineering consultancy is leading consultancy in training sector. We have professional trainer who are directly involved in different project. Our objective is to train fresh Engineer/Jr. engineer/Architecture to help them to enter real practical engineering world and to upgrade Engineer/ Jr. Engineer/Architecture who are already involved in work with new technology. We also train those non-technical person who are interested in engineering field. Complete syllabus of Total Station is available at Office.