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Land Desktop is full package of software which contain Land Development, Civil Design and Survey. Land Development is a software developed by Autodesk which is used to develop topo map with the help of available northing easting coordinate and reduced level. Civil Design is added part on Land Development in which we can draw sections, road plan and section, estimation etc. In general concept if we have a survey data by theodolite or total station and have to plot and output should be in topo map with complete component like detail points, objects, sections then we can use LD & Civil design. Mastermind engineering consultancy is leading consultancy in training sector. We have professional trainer who are directly involved in different project. Our objective is to train fresh Engineer/Jr. engineer/Architecture to help them to enter real practical engineering world and to upgrade Engineer/ Jr. Engineer/Architecture who are already involved in work with new technology. We also train those non-technical person who are interested in engineering field. Complete syllabus of Land Development and Civil Design is available at Office.