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Auto CAD 3D is a drafting software in which we can draw or model 3D object with reference different tools. Any project which will launched should have generally 2D drawing which only an engineer can understand. It is also basic needed that normal people like manager, contractor and public can understand that project in real point of view. Even an engineer can visualized the real project work after modeling in 3D model. So to draw 3D model in computer, AutoCAD 3D is a software produced by Autodesk. In our consultancy in this training we provide basic tool introduction, handling, drafting, editing, modeling, material painting, rendering, printing with a small project so that any trainee can learn about uses of this software. Mastermind engineering consultancy is leading consultancy in training sector. We have professional trainer who are directly involved in different project. Our objective is to train fresh Engineer/Jr. engineer/Architecture to help them to enter real practical engineering world and to upgrade Engineer/ Jr. Engineer/Architecture who are already involved in work with new technology. We also train those non-technical person who are interested in engineering field. Complete syllabus of AutoCAD 3D is available at Office.