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The role of a high-technology engineering consultancy is to assist its clients with the technical expertise and knowledge that is not always available in house, if cliants wants to develop a new construction they might consult a team of experts to advise on its design or how it will be made. Engineering consultancies range in size and the scope of work they cover. Smaller and larger consultancies may focus on niche areas of engineering technology, while large global consultancies can have expertise across many sectors including civil engineering and architectural, which represents ‘Mastermind Engineering Consultancy’. ‘Mastermind’ a trusted name in the field of engineering is one of the best and renowned companiy in the Republic of landlocked country, Nepal. Mastermind Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is fully capable, proficient, and adequately skilled in carrying out all types of research, training & studies, survey & investigation, design, drawing, supervision services in various sectors of national development, including all types of buildings, roads, bridges ,hydropower, cannel, sewer & land management in the country. Gradually, the increase in the scope of consulting services in various development sectors lead to the realization of multidisciplinary approach and thus Mastermind began with the diversification of consulting services into various fields of engineering, agriculture, rural development, environmental studies, training and studies, as well as research and policy formulation related services. The Consultant has capable to provided services in all types of geographical regions of the country.